About us – a future on a solid and healthy basis

Yxhult works with trade and production in the environment and construction areas as well as safe storing.

The products we work with are absorbmaterial (Absol), mexistones (Mexi) and Ytong airconcrete (Xella).

There is also a subsidiary to Yxhult – Svensk Berglagring AB – that manages a mine, with an total area of 350 000 square meters, which can be hired as storing area and for testing purposes.

Yxhult works with environmental products in the construction and environment areas, where quality is a keyword and the customer is in focus.

For nearly a century, airconcrete has been an idea for healthy economical and ecological construction. We now continue with a cooperation with Xella.

For environmental reasons our products and systems are for the future. What could be healthier than to invest in stone?

For these reasons and many more, we at Yxhult meet the future with confidence. We have the desire, the resources and the ability to create strong relationships with our customers and have a high consciousness about our products and systems.

Yxhult should be the only/naturally alternative!

Our market is the Nordic countries and the countries around the Baltic Sea.

Torbjörn Gustafsson